Full Name
Benarva Browne
Job Title
Minister of Urban Development, Energy, Seaports Development, Seaports Administration, Grenadines Affairs & Local Government
Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Speaker Bio
She holds a Master's degree and a Bachelor's in Spatial Planning from the University of the West of England. She has worked in the private sector as a Town and Country Planning Consultant. Browne has worked on projects to strengthen existing planning laws and policies to address climate change impacts. She is interested in sustainably regenerating St. Vincent and the Grenadines' urban areas and involving more people in planning. She was a Hubert Humphrey Fellow in the Special Program in Urban and Regional Studies at MIT in 2021, where she deepened her knowledge about sustainable urban regeneration, housing, climate change and disasters, and public participation.

Aside from her professional planning achievements, Browne previously served as a communications consultant for the Vincy Premier League (VPL) Cricket Tournament. Browne cohosted the WE FM “Activated Mornings” programs in 2021. Her programs on activated mornings were aimed at educating whilst facilitating public discussion on Critical issues facing SVG. These topics included climate change, disaster preparation and management, COVID-19, health-related issues, Sports, youth development, women empowerment, culture and music, etc.

Since July 2023, Browne has been serving as a government senator and the Minister of Urban Development, Energy, Seaports Administration and Seaports Development, Grenadines Affairs, and Local Government. Browne is passionate about serving her country and remains a member of the Rotary St. Vincent South Club and other community and service groups.
Benarva Browne